Burn Injury Prevention

More than one million people get inflicted with burn injuries every year. And the most common cause of these inflictions is not being properly educated on what to do when it happens. As the old, albeit adapted, saying goes burn injury prevention is better than burn injury cure!

Did you know that most burn injuries happen to children? And it’s not just due to household appliances and scolding hot liquids that the child comes in contact with. Many burns can happen due to simply knocking over a hot cup of coffee or tea, and the child being in the way. Children can also get burned by washing their body under really hot water. Other kids can touch something at home that is way too hot. If the heat is too excessive, burns can start to develop on that part of the body.

So how can we prevent these burn injuries from happening? Number one, by understanding the different types of burns and the causes. Take scalds, for example. If a child gets a scald on his or her arm or hand, it can be due to hot liquids or touching something really hot. Scalds are the number one cause of burn injuries, when compared to all other types.

Another thing that you can do to prevent this is to adjust the bath water temperature. When running the bath water, turn on the cold water first to make it easier. As you turn on the hot water, adjust the temperature to make it below 120 degrees. When finished with the bath, make sure the cold water is the last to be turned off. This will help with burn injury prevention and from severe scalding from happening to your child.

Turn the handles of pots and pans to the inside. Please make sure that the handles are not within your child’s reach. Many kids like to walk through the kitchen and touch things. So be sure the handles are turned away and not within their reach. This is especially important if the stove is on and you are cooking something, which will certainly go towards burn injury prevention.

When cooking, don’t leave the utensils that are there inside the pots and pans. As the temperatures heat up, so will the utensils. And that can be dangerous if kids or eve adults are walking by.

Once you are done your cooking, turn everything off. I know it sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many parents forget to turn things off. They just leave things on and the child could suffer because of it.

Have plenty of pot holders and oven mitts within reaching distance. This way you will protect your child, as well as yourself. Always keep your hot drinks away from the kids.